Healing for the Broken

be240946-11d8-452e-9fb9-ca2ec6dcbb1fA lot of times, we think about God’s healing power in the context of physical healing – miraculous recoveries, Jesus’s compassion throughout the gospels in restoring physical sickness back to health, etc. In those times where He chooses to heal, God’s power seems so real and evident and it’s an amazing thing to behold.

But I was reminded this past weekend that seeing God bring emotional and spiritual healing to someone can be just as powerful, miraculous, and awe-inspiring as any physical healing.

On Saturday, I had the privilege of experiencing a ministry of my church called Mosaic. It was founded a couple of years ago by our head pastor’s wife and one of her friends who wanted to provide a space for their fellow foster and adoptive moms to be refreshed and encouraged in their foster/adopt journey. Mosaic does an all-day retreat* once a year with additional quarterly gatherings throughout the year.

It’s such a great ministry, and I’m so thankful to be part of a church that has a heart not just to foster and adopt kids (something so many in the church have done), but also to encourage and equip families that have chosen this beautiful but difficult journey.

Saturday’s event was one of their quarterly gatherings, and the theme was “Voices of Foster Care and Adoption.” I was there to share part of my story as an adoptee on a panel with three other people, other adoptees and former foster kids.

If you know any of my adoption story, you know that it’s pretty straightforward, and God has graciously allowed me to avoid a lot of the turmoil and pain that accompanies so many foster/adoptee stories. But the other panelists’ stories were much more difficult.

It was very emotional and heartbreaking to hear some of the things they’ve had to walk through – anger issues, a reunification with the biological family but with no happy ending, being old enough to watch your parents self-destruct and then abandon you and your siblings altogether, difficult foster homes. You could easily listen to their stories and think, “My God, how in the world do you make it through that??”

But the theme that each of us came back to as we shared was God’s incredible grace and goodness in the midst of our circumstances. I’ve known and experienced it to be true in my story, but it was just staggering to see that same grace work so powerfully in the others’ stories. The wounds ran so deep for them, and yet God has brought them a level of emotional healing that is nothing short of miraculous.

Of course, the scars still hurt sometimes, there are still a lot of painful loose ends that remain, and everything is not “fixed.” But if you heard their stories and what they’ve gone through, you would be amazed at how despite everything, they are secure in God’s love, at peace, and without bitterness. And all of that by the grace of God.

By the end, all you can think is, “My God, you healed that?? I am in awe.”

There are so many hurting people in the world, most certainly in the foster/adopt world but also everywhere around us. In the midst of all the brokenness, it’s tempting to want to skip to the end of the story when God makes everything right and there are no more tears or suffering.

But praise God, his work of redeeming people and making things new is happening now! We still have struggles, our hearts still break, and we still look forward to the ultimate restoration of all things, but we also have a hope that can, over time, heal broken lives in the here and now – something just as miraculous and beautiful as giving life to dead limbs.

What a good and powerful God we serve!


*For any mamas in Southern California who have fostered or adopted, or are interested in foster care and adoption, Mosaic’s all-day retreat this year is on November 4. You can register now and find more information HERE.


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