Sick Day…and Happy Easter!


Anyone else’s family on the never-ending winter sick train? We’ve been sick a few times this winter but we recently kicked it up a notch. Two weeks ago it was a normal cold for all three of us, last week it was several days of a stomach bug (the first for my daughter and the first for me in a long time…toddler barf! Mom barf! All so fun!) and this week it was another cold! Usually I can function pretty normally even with a cold, but it’s been a rough one and I’ve gotten next to nothing done the past few days.

So alas, I haven’t pulled this week’s book study post together yet. If I get extra motivated, maybe I’ll have it done in the next few days. We’ll see. If not, I’ll post it next Thursday like normal.

While I’m here, Happy Easter weekend to everyone! I think it’s hard to come up with fresh insights for big holidays like Christmas and Easter, so I won’t even try. I think the point is to just remember what the holiday represents, to give thanks, and to enjoy the good things that come with those special occasions as gifts from God.

So I am again thankful and humbled that God would send His Son to die in my place. I am awed by His willingness to reach down into a broken world and bring healing to His creation that was groaning for redemption. I am thankful that God continues to grow my understanding of and appreciation for this momentous act, thousands of years later. I am grateful for the hope, rest, and renewal that Christ’s death and resurrection brings, both for now and for eternity. And I’m grateful to God that I get to look forward to time with family and friends and fun things like my daughter’s first Easter egg hunt.

Happy Easter!

6 thoughts on “Sick Day…and Happy Easter!

  1. Yes we had a particularly memorable winter season of sickness when the kids were little. It was a vomiting virus went through all 6 of us. Dad and I took turns vomiting and taking care of kids! It only got us once like that! Hopefully this was your one and only very memorable hard winter season! Spring is here!!
    Blessed Easter Season to you guys too! 💐

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