Enjoying “Hnuggles”


So I have to confess I’m a bit of a “crunchy mom.” Natural birth, cloth diapers, baby-led weaning… I never planned to be like this, it’s just when I was faced with those decisions, those are the choices I ended up making. Well, another confession…as part of all that, I’m still nursing Nora. She’s almost two, so some observers would say, “STILL nursing? You ARE a hippie,” while others would say, “You’re amateur crunch! I’m still nursing my four-year-old!”

In any case, it is what it is. But we are definitely on the way out and headed toward weaning. Frankly, I’m pretty ready to be done with N’s nursing journey. Over the past six months or so I’ve gradually reduced the number of nursing sessions to where we were down to just once in the morning when she woke up and once before bedtime. Then a week and a half ago, she decided on her own that she was done with the morning nurse. Huzzah! Just one more to eliminate and then I can finally leave that girl and take a proper vacation!

Anyway, I’ve added some snuggle time to our bedtime routine after nursing so that when she finally gives it up (or I stop letting her have it) there’s something to fill the gap.

As much as nursing is inherently a bonding experience, I’m enjoying the snuggle time a lot more. Or as Nora would say, “Hnuggles.” (She hasn’t figured out the sn- sound yet, so snuggle=hnuggle, snake=hnake, etc. It’s pretty cute.)

Usually when she nurses, my face is buried in my phone, checking email and social media or reading, so I’m not really paying attention to her. Now, I put my phone down and just hold her. If she’s quiet and falling asleep I just think or pray and enjoy the warm snuggle, or if she’s more awake we talk and just enjoy each other’s company.

It’s been nice to have an added opportunity to connect, both with her and the God who has entrusted her to me. If I’m honest, I often forget to pray for my daughter and this new routine has helped encourage me to do that. I mean, it’s hard not to overflow with gratitude to God for your little one when their small little selves are cuddled against you.

So today I’m thankful to God for “hnuggles with Mama” and continue to pray that someday, this little girl will find her ultimate comfort and rest in her faithful heavenly Father.

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