Do-It-Now Recs: The Bible Project


Last week, I mentioned that I’m reading straight through the Bible and I’m in Numbers at the moment. Hmmm…Numbers. Anyone else want to admit that they dread reading Leviticus and Numbers when they’re reading through the Bible? Or that they have no clue what God is trying to say in chapter after chapter of  Old Testament laws that seem so archaic and strange to our modern, Western eyes?

Or maybe you’re thinking, “Leviticus and Numbers? I don’t even have a good grasp on much of any of the Bible.

You’re not alone!

The Bible is such an amazing book in that the themes, basic concepts, and narrative are simple enough for a child to grasp, and yet it is also unfathomable, filled with truth and wisdom that can only be drawn out through hard work and a concerted effort. As Christians, we will spend our lives reading and studying and loving this book, yet never exhaust all its riches.

Now whether you’re new to studying the Bible or not, one of the most helpful concepts to keep in mind is that it is one cohesive story. Scripture may seem like a random jumble of stories, wisdom, strange rules, and supernatural weirdness, but it’s not. Each verse functions in the context of the book in which it was written, and each book functions in the context of the overall narrative of the Bible slash the overall narrative of God’s working from the dawn of time to its end.

So when we’re reading a book like Numbers, or any book of the Bible, it helps to ask some questions. What is the main point of this book? How does it relate to other books of the Bible? And how does it fit into the whole story the Bible is telling from cover to cover?

Well, this week, I want to tell you about one resource that’s doing an incredible job of helping you answer those questions.

Originally started as a crowdfunded endeavor, The Bible Project is a non-profit that puts together videos and other content to help people better understand the Bible, both the individual books as well as major themes in Christianity – such as The Law, The Gospel, etc. Think of them like a Bible commentary, or study Bible notes, but in a beautifully rendered, concise (most of their videos are less than 10 minutes long), insightful, visual format.

So far, they’ve done videos on the wisdom books, key biblical themes like “the Messiah” and “sacrifice and atonement,” a series on the Torah/first five books of the Bible, and a series on the Gospel. They’ve also created videos to intro every book of the Bible that you can watch in conjunction with their Bible reading plan.

All their videos can be found on their YouTube channel, but I’ll share two here to give you an introduction. Since I mentioned Numbers, the first one I’m sharing is their overview of the book of Numbers as part of their Torah series. The second one is part of their biblical themes series, and basically answers the question, what does “holy” mean? Click on the pictures below and they’ll send you straight to the videos.

Check them out and let me know what you think. I hope you find them as awesome a resource as I do!

P.S. They also have a really great podcast (subscribe on your phone or listen HERE), where they discuss and delve deeper into the things they cover in their videos.



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