At Random


(Stream of consciousness post comin’ at you right…now)

So I’ve hit a bit of a wall this week. Hence, this picture of a wall. (I’m a pretty literal person.) At least it’s an interesting wall.


I’m feeling uninspired for a post this week, and I think that’s okay. My goal for this blog has been to post at least once a week, and while I’ve succeeded in doing that so far, I knew at some point I’d throw up my hands and say, “I dunno.” It’s not that I have a shortage of subjects. I keep a running list of post ideas to try and avoid these blank moments, but if a topic doesn’t strike me when I’m actually ready to write, or if I can’t bring all my thoughts on the subject together well enough, I skip it for the time being.

So what should we talk about?

How’s your week going?

This has been the first “normal” week back after the holidays as far as my routine with my daughter goes, and I’m glad her activities have started up again to help get us out of the house.

I also started something on Monday that may seem like a New Year’s Resolution but it really isn’t. I’ll preface this by saying I love lists. They are one of my primary productivity tools and yet – very important, I don’t enslave myself to them. I don’t beat myself up when I can’t check everything off in a certain time frame, they’re just really helpful for me to stay organized.

Anyway, I was thinking about how to work some things into my day that I really want to be doing. These are things I do anyway, but I’d like to do them more consistently. I also need some reminder to do these things or I’ll forget or get busy (because, toddler) and they fall to the wayside.

These things are – reading the Bible, reading a book, exercise, and work. (If you didn’t know, I’ve started working from home just a few hours a week for a company doing their social media, once monthly newsletters and blog post, and database cleanup.)

Oh hey, look at that – Bible, Read, Exercise, Work – BREW! I do love me a good acronym.

So I’ve been trying to “BREW” each day. Again, not to enslave myself to a checklist, but because I want to be doing these things. And we’re not talking a lot here either. The time spent on each will vary from day to day, but I’m not trying to kill myself on any one of them. I’ll consider it a successful BREW if I’ve read just a chapter or two of the Bible (I’m reading straight through right now – in Numbers at the moment), a chapter or two of whatever book I’m currently reading (in this case, Tim Keller’s Every Good Endeavor), some push-ups (girl push-ups) or other light body-weight exercise (anything is better than nothing, right?), and a few minutes of work or at least a few minutes spent making sure I’m staying organized and on top of upcoming tasks.

Who knows how long I’ll enjoy the novelty of this BREW checklist, but it’s working for me right now.

Do you have any productivity tricks to help keep you on track, even temporarily?

Oh, one more thing…a rec for you. Some good friends of ours in Houston are foster parents. They had been fostering a little girl for the past two years (two years!!) but last week they were very abruptly and unexpectedly told to relinquish her back to her biological parents. It has been incredibly heartbreaking for them and their family, as they all loved this little girl as their own and did not expect to have to give her up with essentially no time to ease into the transition, but they have painstakingly clung to the Lord for strength and been such a light in this hard time. They blogged about their experiences this past week and it is well worth your time to read it. You can find the post HERE.

Okay, I’ll stop there. Thanks for bearing with the random post this week.

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