My Election Non-Post


[Edit: I ended up posting once more about the election, and you can find that post here.]

So I’ve got nothing for this week.

I wrote then trashed about 2,500+ words in election-related posts that I just couldn’t bring together well enough to want to publish.

I have a lot of thoughts, some on the election results but even more on all the reactions I’ve seen. Since I didn’t vote for Trump or Hillary I thought I could stay above the fray, but in some ways it was worse because I was frustrated not just by one side’s posts but nearly everyone’s! So I have very mixed feelings about it all.

I want to tell some people that Trump’s election is not as apocalyptic as they think.

I want to tell others that Trump’s election is far worse than they think.

I want to tell some people to stop saying “half of America hates me” because it’s an untrue and an intellectually lazy assumption.

I want to tell others to stop gloating because it’s childish and insensitive.

Etc., etc.

In any case I’ve had plenty of testing to practice what I preached last week about praying first and growing compassion for others. (Confession: I’ve failed pretty miserably at that this week, as you can tell by the judgy statements I made above.)

Anyway, I will be back with a real post next week. I’m excited to be sharing my adoption story with you for my next post!

Praying for myself and all my fellow believers to be salt and light this week and every week.

3 thoughts on “My Election Non-Post

  1. I have struggled with you in the debate to keep my mouth shut or not. What you chose to say was perfect and wise amidst all the arguments which are, at the moment, too often nothing more than hateful, purposeless rants. Can’t wait to hear next weeks post!

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