Little Songs, Big Truth


My husband and I recently started a (very) brief family devotion time with our daughter before bedtime. She’s only a year and a half so all we do at this point is sing some songs and briefly pray. As she can barely last through the five sentences that make up our prayer time without talking or flopping around (we’re working on the whole “Shhh and listen when we pray” thing), the songs are her favorite part. We use a little book we got as a hand-me-down that has an assortment of classic hymns and kid Bible songs with accompanying illustrations. The toddler flips through it until she finds a picture she likes or recognizes and we sing that song, provided we know it. She sways from side to side with the music and tries to ignore the crazy lady who’s waving her hands and arms around and making up hand motions for all the songs. It’s great.

While it will obviously be awhile before she can sing along and understand the words, it’s been fun revisiting songs from my childhood and sharing them with her. Even better than the nostalgia, we’ve been appreciating the beautiful truths expressed in the stark simplicity of these little songs. As much as I love the richness of the theology and poetry in many hymns and contemporary worship songs, there’s something lovely about taking one or two simple truths and putting them to music. And I pray that one day God would help the little girl He’s entrusted to us to believe and live these truths for herself.

So this week I’m just going to leave my commentary at that and write out the lyrics to some of these classic little gems. Maybe you can take a few minutes to stop and think about the larger truths these simple sentences point to and their implications.

Sometimes “little” songs really aren’t so little after all.

“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus in the morning,
Jesus at the noontime,
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus when the sun goes down.”

“The B-I-B-L-E. Yes, that’s the book for me,
I stand alone on the word of God, the B-I-B-L-E.”

“Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice!
Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice!
Rejoice! Rejoice! And again I say rejoice!
Rejoice! Rejoice! And again I say rejoice!”

“Oh, how I love Jesus,
Oh, how I love Jesus,
Oh, how I love Jesus,
because He first loved me.”

“He’s got the whole world in His hands,
He’s got the whole world in His hands,
He’s got the whole world in His hands,
He’s got the whole world in His hands.”

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow,
Praise Him, all creatures here below,
Praise Him above, ye heav’nly host,
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

3 thoughts on “Little Songs, Big Truth

    • Title is My First Hymnal 75 Favorite Bible Songs and What They Mean. Just did a quick check and looks like they don’t have it readily available on Amazon but you might be able to find it somewhere else. And I’m sure there’s something comparable and possibly better out there as far as Bible song books go. We just use this one since it was a hand-me-down. 🙂

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