When God and Country Become a Dangerous Mix


Even though I blog to share my thoughts, I recognize that there are countless people out there articulating the same things I think about, but they do it better. So this week I’m just going to share an article I saw via Facebook that I thought was excellent and very appropriately timed with all the presidential debate frenzy of the past few days.

Is this a cop out for not coming up with my own content this week? Um, maybe. It’s been a busy week.

The article I’m sharing is essentially about the melding of American nationalism and Christianity into something that little resembles the Christianity of the Bible. The columnist argues that the frantic attempts to maintain America’s “Christian heritage” and the rights of conservative Christians are really just another prosperity gospel, in which our happiness, security, and freedom of religion are assumed to be promises from God that we both idolize and feel we must preserve at all costs. One obvious way this manifests itself is in the hand-wringing, malicious anger, and fear we see all over Facebook every time something happens that seems to threaten our “American, Christian” way of life. But where is our hope? Is it not in a sovereign God who lovingly controls all things for His glory? And where in the Bible does it promise that God will always allow the American Church to live rich and free? Do we not have something better and infinitely higher than religious freedom in the person and work of Christ, whose gospel truth and love can be enjoyed and lived out and shared regardless of whether our political system allows it?

As you would imagine, I saw/see this play out in many ways from our time living in Texas. The Bible Belt is arguably ground zero for this worldview. But it’s not just people in the Lone Star state who struggle with this. I see this perspective everywhere, in subtle ways and blatant ways, and I myself struggle from time to time with sinful anxiety over the state of affairs in the U.S.

But I’m thankful there are brothers like this columnist, pointedly calling us to examine our thinking. Patriotism isn’t bad. Wanting to preserve Christian freedom for the blessing of the Church and our fellow man isn’t bad. But when it becomes the ultimate thing, the thing we can’t trust God without, we start conforming to a pattern of this world that is neither biblical nor gospel-displaying.

So without further ado, HERE is the article. It’s definitely worth your time and provides some great food for thought.

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