Praying for My Husband


The relationship I have with my husband is the most important earthly relationship I have. It should follow, then, that this is the relationship I pray for most frequently in my life, right? Sure, we pray together and that’s important, but what about me taking the initiative to consistently and fervently pray for my husband on my own?

Sadly, I fall woefully short in this area, and typically think to pray for him only on random occasions or when there is conflict in our relationship. The rest of the time I am primarily focused on bringing my personal requests to God. I’m, shall we say…pretty selfish.

As wives, we are in a unique and privileged position to lift our husbands up in prayer because we are the ones who know and love them best. We know their joys, their struggles, their worries, and we can be a great encouragement to them just by praying. We can do this whether we have a wonderful husband, a difficult husband, a godly husband, or a non-believing husband. Our husbands need prayer no matter who they are or where they are at with the Lord!

So here are some ways we can pray for our them. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, merely some suggestions for inspiration in case you’re like me and tend to get lazy with your prayers. “Uh, God. I pray for Michael. Um…Amen.”

Pray for his growth in the Lord. This is perhaps the most important thing to pray for our husbands because every thought, word, and action flows from this relationship (or non-relationship) with God. Pray that God would be kindling a desire in your husband’s heart and mind to know Him and His word ever better, or even to desire to know Him in the first place. Pray that he would live out a life that is constantly conforming and growing to the Glorious One. Pray that Christ would be more precious to him than anything or anyone (including and especially you!) and that his perspective would be firmly fixed on the only King worthy of worship as he goes through the ups and down of life.

Pray for his work. Pray that he would see his job as an opportunity to love and serve his coworkers, his management, his clients, and the community. Nearly any and every job, religious or secular, affords him these opportunities. Pray that he would work diligently, and that God would use him and the quality of his work to point people to Christ.

Pray for his leadership of your family. If he is a believer and recognizes this role he has as the head of his household, pray that he would take this responsibility seriously and exercise his authority lovingly and compassionately with the goal of sanctifying his family and honoring the Lord. Pray that God would do what it takes to make him into the godly leader he needs to be for his wife and his children. Pray that when he grows weary in this task, God would encourage and strengthen him through you or a friend or a fellow believer. If he is not a believer, pray for God’s working in his heart, and pray that your loving respect and submission might soften his heart and act as a seed planted toward his salvation.

Pray for his purity. If you don’t think your husband struggles in some way or another in this area, you are being naive. None of us want to think about or talk about our husband’s battle for purity and faithfulness, but it is very real and prayer is absolutely essential for him as he goes through this world filled with sexual messaging and temptation. Pray that God would give him the will to discipline his heart and mind and strength to battle himself and the evil one to maintain the purity of his marriage.

Pray for his rest. Pray that his time at home and in sleep would be restful and restorative. Pray for his other relationships with friends and family, that he would either be a light to those who don’t know Christ, or that these relationships would be nourishing and sharpening and filled with mutual encouragement. Pray for his hobbies, that they would have proper priority in his life and that he would praise God all the more for being able to enjoy some aspects of His creation in them.

Pray for his unfinishedness. Our husbands aren’t perfect, and sometimes the failures scream louder to us than the majority of other ways he is a good and loving husband. And while we can cry out to God in honesty with our hurts and disappointments, we must not become embittered and despairing. We must patiently continue to pray for our husbands, recognizing that only God can cause true growth and change, and this happens in HIS timing. And we must pray in humility, recognizing that we, as wives, are unfinished also. It is both of us who need constant grace, patience, and perseverance to not weary in doing good in our marriages unto the Lord.

Finally, thank God for your husband. Christian or not, be thankful for this companion God has given you to go through life with. Be thankful that God, in His sovereignty, has brought you together, which means that there are things both of you will learn only from your unique pairing that you would not learn in relationship with anyone else. Be thankful that for the many ways in which your husband excels in his role. Be thankful to God for how He blesses you in so many ways through your husband. God is gracious to give us so many joys in marriage!

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