A Prayer for Today


Father, as I look back on the events of the past week and the many horrific things happening around the world, I come to you for hope and to pray for your grace in my life and the lives of others. The world is so broken. People are so broken. The ravages of sin produce anger, hatred, and violence. This world desperately needs you.

I pray for all those affected by the tragedies of the past few weeks. May this time of grief and loss point them to you, the great Comforter and the final judge. I pray that your Church would come alongside these grieving people to show them the hope that can only be found in you. I pray that these events would motivate us, your people, to live as lights, showing your worth and truth by exemplifying lives lived in service and love to those hurting and questioning around us.

I pray for those looking for justice, weary from prejudice and looking for empowerment. May they look to you for vindication and for peace, and may they know that they are loved and worth-ful because they are created in your image. May they be comforted that you are also grieved by the injustices done to them and that while you are patient, you will not ultimately let evil go unpunished. I pray that you would empower many of your people to seek justice and fight oppression compassionately and wisely.

I pray for the state and the systems of this world, that you would somehow use them, imperfect as they are, to establish some measure of justice and peace. I pray that you would use your people who serve in those systems to be instruments of restoration, reconciliation, and reason.

I pray that you would use all of these sad situations to draw many people to yourself, that you would open the eyes of many who are searching to see the truths of your Word and to see you as the only hope for themselves and the world. I pray that these events would force people to question their worldview and their ideas about you, about mankind, and about truth.

Father, give me wisdom in how I understand and speak about what is going on in this world. Help me to be a voice of love and truth amidst the noise. I know that I can’t fix anything in my own power, but help me to be mindful of the many ways I can be a light where I live and work to those you have placed in my life and in my path. Today, empower me to “in humility count others more significant than myself.” It is so hard to do that and I confess that I fail to do that time and time again, but I do want so badly for people to see you through me by my love for others. Do whatever it takes to sanctify me and prune me that I might be an effective instrument of your love and justice in this world.

Father, I am also just so thankful that you are still in control and sovereign over all these events. Thank you that you hear the cries of the hurting and are grieved by the sins of your creation. Help us to trust your goodness and wisdom even when we don’t understand why and when we become weary. Thank you that you sent your son to die for your enemies, and that there is hope and redemption even in the dark because of that. Thank you that one day you will return and everything will be made right. Help me to long for that day and live like it’s coming. Thank you that you are the Rock we can cling to in uncertain times and therefore we do not have to live in fear or hopelessness.

So today, I pray for all these things and ask that You help me to keep my eyes fixed on You as I go about my day interacting with family, friends, and strangers. Be glorified in everything that I do.

It’s because of Christ and in His great name I pray, amen.

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