Welcome to Living Homeward!

So what is this all about?
You can read more in the aptly titled “About” section, but basically I would like to use this blog to articulate how I live out of my Christian beliefs and worldview. I want to engage with the people, culture, and systems I live in, while remembering that this short, earthly life is not all there is. My posts will hopefully hit a wide range of topics along these lines. A book, a movie, a current event, a conversation with my husband…anything might spark a post. Some posts will be more formal in tone, others more personal.

Who is your target audience?
Of course, anyone and everyone (Christian or not) is welcome to read and engage with anything I write. I welcome all questions, comments, rebuttals, etc. However, I would say my target audience is fellow Christians (and specifically Christian women) who are also living their lives toward their true home, and who are seeking encouragement and challenge from a fellow believer.

What are your goals for this blog and the social media content?
For my readers, I would want you to come away encouraged or challenged in some way. Encouraged that there is a sister who is also trying to run the race well. Challenged to self-examine. Challenged to live out a Christian worldview in a world that desperately needs hope, truth, and love.

For me, I see this as a creative outlet to write about the things that are most meaningful to me. I also want to grow as a writer and critical thinker through this. Lastly, I see this project as a form of meditation on biblical truths and a challenge for me to practice what I preach.

The Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts are just other places for expression that don’t take the form of a full blog post.

What makes your point of view more compelling than anyone else’s?
The short answer is not much. I don’t have any special qualifications or knowledge, I’m relatively “young” in terms of life experience, and I’ve had a generally easy and happy life. But I think none of those things disqualifies any Christian from simply living out the gospel and encouraging others to do the same, which is all I’m aiming for.
And I suppose I should add that none of my thoughts are truly original. Any insights are the product of many sermons, books, and studies over the years. The words are mine but the ideas are quite unoriginal.
Thanks for reading and to God be the glory!

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