A Most Unusual Year

Hello, friends! Yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here, though it hasn’t been for lack of trying. There are thousands of words entombed in my drafts folder, written in fits and starts over the past few months, and surely that counts for something. But we all know the path to a neglected blog is paved with drafts and good intentions, so it’s time to finish something.

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2020 Books, Movies, and Miscellany

Here it is, the annual post I can always be counted on to finish, even in a year as crazy as 2020.

Movies and TV

As always, this is a list of movies or shows I watched (or rewatched) and loved at any point in the last 12 months for any number of subjective reasons, ordered by release date, oldest to newest. The streaming notations are as of the publishing of this post.

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In Moore Current News…

Let’s try something new! With two young kids and limited time, writing a focused and thoughtful post around one topic is just not easily done for me these days. So instead, I’d like to try a newsletter-type entry that may become the norm on this blog for awhile. This quick take style has a number of downsides, but at the least it will (hopefully) get me writing and posting more regularly again.

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